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Knitting Projects – Knitted Baby Booties

It’s certainly been awhile since I posted any crafty things I’ve made!

You can check out my other projects here: knitting project 1/quilting project 1/quilting project 2/quilting project 3/sewing project 1/sewing project 2

I was a bit busy you know, what with moving and all…twice.

Plus there’s the fact that I no longer have access to a sewing machine. When Hisa was looking for a job and we were staying with my parents, I used my mom’s sewing machine for my quilting and sewing projects. Now, unfortunately, I don’t have one, but at least I can still knit!

The only problem being, of course, that all I can do in terms of knitting is cast on, knit, purl, and cast off. So if I need to make something square or rectangular in shape, then no problem! But if I want to knit something non- 2 dimensional, well, that’s a problem.

So, I started looking online for knitting videos and a simple project I could do that involved knitting something 3D in shape.

What I found was…baby booties!

Now, let me just say, I don’t have a baby, and I’m not pregnant, but baby shoes are a lot simpler to make than adult shoes/socks, so they’re a good project for a beginning knitter such as myself.

There are a lot of really cute, really elaborate and difficult looking knitted baby booties out there, but I found a simple pattern here at After knitting nothing but squares and rectangles, I think it was a good next step. And the finished result is so cute!!

Ta da! What do you think of my baby booties? They’re cute, right? I’m quite proud of myself for making them!
Someday when I finally do have a baby, at least its feet won’t get cold!

From here on out, it seems like most knitting projects involve knitting in the round (fear! intimidation!), so if anyone knows of any good online videos that teach knitting in the round, as well as some simple projects for beginners…let me know.


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Quilting Project #3 (…finally)

I finally finished my 3rd ever quilting project last week!

Ta da!

It took the longest of any project yet, because this was the first actual quilt I’ve ever made (albeit a baby quilt, so not quite as large as an full size quilt). Also, because the instructions lied about the fabric amounts, I ended up having to go back to the fabric store to get more fabric (grumble, grumble).


There were plenty of mistakes made, so it’s far from perfect, but considering it’s the first quilt I’ve ever made, I’m really happy with it!


I made this baby quilt for my nephew, who was born last December. The back is made with a really soft flannel material, so hopefully it’ll be super comfortable and warm (it’s still pretty cold in Japan).


I haven’t decided what my next quilting project will be yet. Maybe something smaller than an actual quilt. I have several sewing projects I want to work on first… Hopefully I can get those done soon!

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My First Knitting Project Ever

A little over a week ago, my mom and I took a knitting 101 class at a fabric store in the city.

Although it confirmed my beliefs that knitting is hard, by the time it was over, I was able to cast on, knit, purl, and bind off. Not bad for one 2 hours class!

I’ve been practicing a little every day since then with the terrible fear that I’m going to forget how to do it all if I don’t. Fortunately, I haven’t forgotten yet, and I even finished my first project!

Actually, it wasn’t really a project per say. I really just started knitting for practice, eventually got tired of it, and binded it off so I could start something more interesting.

I warn you, this is the first thing I’ve ever knitted, so it’s quite terrible really. But because I actually knitted it, I’m quite proud of myself really.

I decided it’s a pot holder. Considering the loose knit of it, it probably will make a terrible pot holder, but it looks more like a pot holder than anything else I thought.

Next, I want to figure out how to rib and make a ribbed scarf. By the time I finish it, it will probably be spring and I won’t need a scarf anymore, but who knows, maybe we’ll have a late spring snow or something. 🙂

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Sewing Project #2 – Pajama Pants

I actually finished this over a week ago, but I didn’t get around to taking pictures of it until, um, about 10 minutes ago.

For my second sewing project, I made a pair of flannel pajama pants for Hisa for Valentine’s Day. This was the first item of clothing I’ve ever sewn, so they certainly didn’t come out perfect, but Hisa seemed happy enough that I made them for him.

Besides being the first item of clothing I’ve ever sewn (I don’t think the apron really counts as clothing), this was the first time I’ve sewn anything with elastic in it, and the first time I’ve sewn a zig-zag stitch. I made the elastic a little too loose in the end (sorry Honey), but it was fun watching the sewing needle make the zig-zag stitch.

Besides the elastic, these pants were pretty easy to make.

Lessons learned:

  • Make the elastic slightly tighter than you measured it.
  • Make sure to check the width of the fabric when you buy it, so you’ll know it’s wide enough as well as long enough for your pattern pieces.

My next project is going to be the hardest yet… a dress. A simple dress, but a dress nonetheless.

Wish me luck…

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Sewing Project #1

Besides quilting, I’ve also taken up sewing recently, with the help of my mom.

One of the bonuses of staying with my parents while Hisa looks for a job (besides not having to pay rent and getting to spend a lot of time with my parents), is that I can use my mom’s sewing machine whenever I want, and my mom, who’s a good seamstress, can help me out whenever I need it.

I bought a book with simple beginner sewing projects recently, and an apron was the first project I decided to make. It looked simple, and fairly straight forward, so I thought it would be a good first project. These things always end up taking longer that I think they will though…

I’ve found that for me, the hardest part is laying out the fabric and putting the pattern on properly. I have no idea why this is the hard part. It’s like with quilting, the hardest part is laying out the fabric, cutting off the selvages and sides, and cutting out the actual pieces straight. It’s actually quite difficult to cut out fabric out in a perfectly straight line.

If anyone has any tips for me, start writing those comments! …please?

All things considered, I’m quite pleased with how my apron came out. I like the blue fabric. I think it has kind of a vintage-y look.

Best of all, you can’t see any of my mistakes in these pictures! Ha!

Coming soon… sewing project #2 and (hopefully someday) quilting project #3…

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Quilting Project #2

I finished my second ever quilting project recently!

Actually, I finished it about a week ago, but I forgot to post about it. Ehehe..

This was project #2 in my quilting 101 book: a hand-appliqued quilted zipper bag.
I used bits of scrap fabric that I had lying around, so it’s a bit of a mishmash of fabrics. I made it as more of a practice exercise rather than any great need for a quilted zipper bag. It was good practice though! It was the first time I’ve ever sewn anything with a zipper. I sewed it wrong the first time and had to take the stitches out and do it again. Ha! Live and learn! Like I said, it was good practice.

Now don’t you all wish you had a hand appliqued quilted zipper bag as nifty as this one?! 😀

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