Knitting Projects – Knitted Baby Booties

August 31, 2012 at 8:54 am Leave a comment

It’s certainly been awhile since I posted any crafty things I’ve made!

You can check out my other projects here: knitting project 1/quilting project 1/quilting project 2/quilting project 3/sewing project 1/sewing project 2

I was a bit busy you know, what with moving and all…twice.

Plus there’s the fact that I no longer have access to a sewing machine. When Hisa was looking for a job and we were staying with my parents, I used my mom’s sewing machine for my quilting and sewing projects. Now, unfortunately, I don’t have one, but at least I can still knit!

The only problem being, of course, that all I can do in terms of knitting is cast on, knit, purl, and cast off. So if I need to make something square or rectangular in shape, then no problem! But if I want to knit something non- 2 dimensional, well, that’s a problem.

So, I started looking online for knitting videos and a simple project I could do that involved knitting something 3D in shape.

What I found was…baby booties!

Now, let me just say, I don’t have a baby, and I’m not pregnant, but baby shoes are a lot simpler to make than adult shoes/socks, so they’re a good project for a beginning knitter such as myself.

There are a lot of really cute, really elaborate and difficult looking knitted baby booties out there, but I found a simple pattern here at After knitting nothing but squares and rectangles, I think it was a good next step. And the finished result is so cute!!

Ta da! What do you think of my baby booties? They’re cute, right? I’m quite proud of myself for making them!
Someday when I finally do have a baby, at least its feet won’t get cold!

From here on out, it seems like most knitting projects involve knitting in the round (fear! intimidation!), so if anyone knows of any good online videos that teach knitting in the round, as well as some simple projects for beginners…let me know.


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