Menu Plan Monday for August 27 – 31

August 27, 2012 at 2:49 pm Leave a comment

Phew! Busy day!

Everyone was back to school today in the Houston area, as today marked the first day of school!

It was back to school for me as well, as I started classes at a nearby college.

For those who don’t know, I’m going back to school from, well today, to study graphic design.
I already have a bachelor’s degree (International and Area Studies sounds useful, but…alas, not in this job market), but I’ve always been interested in art and graphic design. I’ve dabbled in graphic design and web design since I was in junior high school (geocities baby!), so I have some self-taught skills, but this is my first time to study graphic design formally. I’ve been wanting to do this for quite awhile, but I didn’t have the opportunity while we were in Japan, so I’m really excited to finally be doing it now. Yay!

As I’m sure you know, once you leave elementary school, the days of fun school supply lists are pretty much over. I always loved buying my school supplies for the new school year. Getting new crayons and markers, picking out colored notebooks, and a new backpack. Ah, it was so much fun.

College, as I’m sure many of you also know, is not about lists of fun school supplies, but cringe inducing lists of $100+ textbooks required for classes. Not fun. Especially when you only end up using one fourth of the book for the whole semester. I was surprised (and relieved), therefore, to find out that I have no required textbooks this semester (recommended, yes, required, no). I remember the bill from my textbooks each semester during my undergrad years all too well <insert cringe here>.

When I got to my drawing class this morning (you have no idea how excited I am about taking a drawing class!), I was thrilled to find that in our syllabus, instead of a list of required textbooks, was a list of art supplies I need to get. Of course, I don’t want to have to spend a lot of money on art supplies, but something about getting to buy art supplies reminds me of those school supply lists from elementary school that I loved so much.

This time, however, I get cooler art supplies! Crayons? Pfft! I get graphite pencils and charcoal! Ebony pencils and an xacto-knife! A huge drawing pad, and an equally large portfolio case to tote it around in! Albeit, I was always an artsy kid, and am still an artsy adult, so fortunately I already have several of the things on the list, but there are still several things I need!  Hobby Lobby! Here I come!

And here’s hoping everyone has a great semester!!

Menu Plan for Aug. 27 – 31:

Mon: Walnut crusted salmon, roasted asparagus, and baked sweet potatoes

Tues: Hamburgers and breaded baked zucchini (the baked version of fried zucchini)

Wed: Ratatouille and fresh bread

Thurs: Black bean burritos

Fri: Couscous, sausage, and spinach stuffed acorn squash


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Waffles with Roasted Sweet Potato, Ham, and Gorgonzola Cheese Pumpkin Bread

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