Menu Plan Monday for August 6 – 10

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The thing about getting used to cooking for four people, is that it’s difficult to go back to cooking for just two people.

In fact, I had no problem adjusting my cooking so that I was cooking for four people instead of two. For some reason, however, it’s been harder switching back to two.

It’s a mystery…

I blame the humidity.

It’s fogged my brain… and my glasses.

I keep cooking too much food. I’ve tried lessening the amount of food I’m cooking, and I am getting better. I just have to make a conscious effort.

There’s nothing wrong with cooking a lot of food though, as then one has a lot of leftovers! My brain automatically thinks, “Aha! Leftovers! Tomorrow’s lunch!”
When we were in Japan, I would eat leftovers for lunch, and I would often include leftovers in Hisa’s lunch that he took to work, so there were two of us eating leftovers. When we were staying with my parents, my dad, Hisa, and I would usually eat leftovers for lunch each day, and my mom would sometimes take leftovers with her to work for her lunch.

Now, Hisa eats lunch with his co-workers, and they always go out to eat together for lunch. That means the only one eating the leftovers for lunch is…me. When I cook too much food, there’s usually way too many leftovers for me to eat by myself at lunch, thus, I have all this food I don’t know what to do with.

So, the point of my endless rambling on leftovers, is that I’m trying to do a few things differently around here:

  1. Not cook so much darn food
  2. Incorporate leftovers from one night into another night’s dinner
  3. On weeks where I think there will be a lot of leftovers, have one night where we just eat leftovers for dinner

I’m also trying to reduce our grocery bill a bit, as we need to save money. Normally, all these things wouldn’t be too terribly hard, but as a food blogger, I’m constantly looking for new and interesting recipes to make and blog about, so it takes a bit of creativity to make it work…

Come on creative juices!!

I know seeing “leftovers” is my menu plan isn’t the most interesting thing in the world, but bear with me. Just remember, leftovers for dinner saves time and money! If it’s unappealing to eat the same thing more than one night in a row, be creative and switch it up a little!

Menu Plan Monday for Aug. 6 – 10:

Mon: Chili and cornbread

Tues: Tuna melts and fried okra

Wed: Roasted Summer Vegetables with Sausage and leftover cornbread

Thurs: Eggplant casserole and multi-grain batter bread

Fri: leftovers


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