Menu Plan Monday for July 16 – 20

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Did everyone have a good weekend?

Hisa and decided to try out one of the museums in the Museum District of Huston this weekend. We ended up going to the Museum of Natural Science, which is, I have to say, a cool museum.


If you ever decide to go to the science museum…. on a Saturday…. during summer vacation… be prepared for a huge number of people and kids everywhere! Everywhere I tell you!

It was quite crowded when we went (although the most crowded place seemed to be the McDonald’s within the museum), but after living in Japan for four years, I’m used to crowded! Heck, I’d probably be alarmed if I went somewhere like a museum and it wasn’t crowded!

They currently have a special exhibit on Ancient China in which they have a display of some of the famous terracotta warriors.

As someone who majored in East Asian Studies in college, I was excited to see the exhibit, and even more excited to see some of the terracotta warriors (and one terracotta horse).

(You know, I actually did take pictures with my real camera this time, and then I accidentally deleted them…. go figure)

I also really enjoyed the hall of Paleontology (i.e. dinosaurs!!!). It was probably my favorite part of the museum. They have an amazing collection of not just dinosaur fossils, but also other creatures that lived around the same time. There was a giant armadillo skeleton that was quite interesting, and the giant sloth skeleton was somewhat terrifying in its hugeness (imagine a sloth two-stories tall, and you’ll have an idea of what prehistoric sloths were like).

(Amidst all the hanging dinosaurs and prehistoric creatures, there was a human skeleton that looked like it was falling through the sky. He looked pretty freaked out too, but then, if I were falling amongst all those dinosaurs, I’d probably be freaked out too.)

I love museums. And I love the fact that we live in a city that not only has museums, but has a museum district. How awesome is that? I look forward to visiting each and every one of them! And going to the beach. Why haven’t we gone to the beach yet? It’s summer, we’ve been living here for a month now, and we STILL haven’t gone to the beach!

I sense a plot…

Menu Plan Monday for July 16 – 20:

Mon: Pad Thai

Tues: Grilled vegetable and pesto sandwiches on French rolls

Wed: Beef stroganoff  and roasted broccoli

Thurs: Thai green curry, steamed rice, and Asian sesame salad

Fri: Simmered flounder with olive caper tomato sauce, tossed salad, and homemade foccacia bread



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Sundried Tomato Pesto Pasta Japanese Tofu Hamburger Steak (豆腐ハンバーグ)

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