Menu Plan Monday for July 9 – 13

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Ah, Monday morning.

In my early morning (well, it really wasn’t that early) haze, as I was in the bathroom brushing my teeth after breakfast, I looked at the clock, saw it said 8:30, and momentarily thought it was 8:30 at night. It was just a brief moment though. Brief, but disorienting.

Did everyone have a good weekend? Hisa and I were invited by some people from his company to go see an Astros baseball game. Neither of us had ever been to a pro baseball game (at least that I recall…), so we were excited. At least, I was excited!

The stadium was really nice. The game was to start at 3pm, and it was really hot Saturday, so Hisa and I were a little worried that we were going to die of heat. We assumed that the stadium would be an open-air stadium, as we’d only ever been to open-air baseball stadiums before. We were pleasantly surprised, however, when we discovered that the stadium is an enclosed dome-style stadium (air-conditioning and all!). It was lovely.

(I know. Another poorly lit picture taken from my iphone. I swear I won’t forget my camera next time!)

We also randomly ended up with really good seats too! We hadn’t bought tickets yet, so when we got there, we went to the ticket booth, and were looking at the seat/price guide figuring out where we should sit. There was a couple there trying to get rid of their four tickets (for whatever reason), so they asked us if we’d like to buy them at half price. We said sure, and they ended up being really really good seats!

The second half of the game, we could see a pretty nasty thunderstorm cooking up outside. Naturally, it was pouring rain by the time the game ended, so Hisa and I ended up running back to our car in the rain. To get to the stadium parking lots, you have to go under an over-pass. As we were running to our car, there was a guy under the over-pass going to town on a saxophone (monetary donations appreciated). It was pretty cool, and a fun day overall. Oh, and the Astros won. 🙂

Menu Plan for July 9 – 13:

Mon: Chana masala and steamed rice (I ended up not making this last week, as we had a bunch of leftovers)

Tues: Ja Jiang Mein (noodles with black bean meat sauce) and stir-fried broccoli

Wed: Zucchini and sun-dried tomato quiche and tossed salad

Thurs: Pasta with smoked salmon and vodka sauce and tossed salad

Fri: Japanese curry and rice, and corn on the cob



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