Menu Plan Mayhem

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I know the title seems a little over dramatic. But if there’s one thing we value in my family, it’s a good drama queen (or king in the case of you guys).

Yes, yes, we have a slight tendency to be over dramatic about pretty much everything in my family. Seeing as both my parents are over dramatic, I figure, well, genetics are to blame, therefore, if I am over dramatic as well, it’s not my fault. 🙂 Great logic, right? Ha!

My menu plan for this week was thrown together kind of last minute, and the theme for this week is fast and easy.

It’s been busy as ever here preparing for move number 1 of 2 next Monday (my parents’ move and then me and Hisa’s move). Although this weekend, I think we spent more time doing stuff for our move to Houston.

First, we had to buy furniture. Hisa gave all of his away when he moved back to Japan, and all I have is a twin size bed (not very comfortable for two people) and a desk and chair. We’re taking the desk and chair, and my parents are giving us their couch (they’re getting a new couch set) and a bookshelf, but that still leaves us lacking some necessary furniture.

So Saturday, my parents, Hisa, and I headed to good old Mathis Brothers Furniture store in OKC, where my parents bought their new couch set, and Hisa and I bought a bedroom set, matress, and dining table and chairs.

It sounds so simple when I type it in one sentence like that, but picking out furniture takes awhile. We were there at least three hours I would say. Maybe longer. It’s kind of all a blur.

We weren’t done yet though! Not by a long shot!

After the furniture store, we headed to the Honda car dealership, and Hisa and I bought a car.

Right now we only have my old (old…old…) Chevy Malibu, and we’ll need two cars to get around in, so we decided to get a new car.

Again, “We went to the car dealership and bought a car,” sounds so short and simple. It never is at a car dealership though. We were there another good three hours at least. Here’s what I’ve learned from my first experience of buying a car:

  1. Don’t drive a rental car there, because you have to have proof of insurance to buy a car.

We drove the rental car, and therefore didn’t have proof of insurance (it was in my car at home). We had to call the insurance company and have them fax over a copy. Then, the insurance policy only had my dad’s name on it, and not mine. So we had to call the insurance company again, to have them put my name on the policy and not just listed as a driver, but by this time they were closed.

2.  If you live on a rural route address, be sure to bring your 911 address.

Evidently a rural route address doesn’t count to 911, so they created different addresses for people with such addresses. When you call 911, you have to give them your special 911 address, and not your normal address (like I’ll remember it in a crisis when I actually have to call 911! I’ll be lucky if I remember my own name, much less some special address they assigned to us a week ago!).
The car dealership people have to have your special 911 address as well, because they want to be special too.

3.  Car dealerships do not accept temporary checks.

That’s all we had, so we have to go back today with a cashier’s check. Yay.

4.  Leaving the country for four years is bad for your credit.

They never tell you these things when you first go abroad. Unless you use your American credit cards or are paying off American loans while abroad, no matter how wonderful your credit score is, it will eventually go back to zero. Burn.

So although we spent three hours at the car dealership, it was a very enlightening time. Fortunately, the people that helped us were very nice and helpful, so it wasn’t too painful of an experience. We did have to take the insurance by yesterday to actually be able to pick up our car, and we have to go back by today with a cashier’s check (the banks were closed yesterday for Memorial Day), but then we’ll be done! ….At least, I hope we’ll be done! Maybe I shouldn’t say that, or I’ll jinx it somehow.

Oh yeah, we also have to pack, and we have one week to find a moving company.

No worries! Right?



Menu Plan for May 28 – June 2:

Spaghetti with meat sauce and tossed salad

Chili and corn bread

Make your own wraps (put out a bunch of things to make wraps with, and let everyone put whatever they want in their wrap)

Puff Pastry Pie

Grilled cod with ginger sesame sauce, green beans with almonds, and tossed salad

Chicken gyros



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What a week… Almost Moving Day!

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