Colorado & Utah Vacation – Part III

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Here’s part III about our vacation!


Day five, Hisa and I went over to Arches National Park (pretty much a 10 minute drive from my grandparents’ house), and hiked up to Delicate Arch. It’s one of the most famous arches in the park. The hike is not easy though. I found it easier this time around, however, than when I last made it a few years ago. I like to think it’s because I’m in better shape now, but it’s probably because I had become acclimated to the elevation after being in the mountains for a few days already.
We also hiked to Fiery Furnace and Sand Dune Arch, before heading back to my grandparents’ house for lunch.
In the afternoon, we went to town and walked around looking at all the shops until the evening.

Hisa and me right before beginning the climb to Delicate Rock.


Mid-climb up the slick rock.


Nice view.


Hisa in front of Delicate Arch. It was so windy up here!


A closer view of Delicate Arch.


Yet another view.


There’s a little side trail from the Delicate Arch trail that leads to these petroglyphs (ancient rock carvings). I thought they were pretty cool.


Fiery Furnace!


And he says I’m over dramatic!

View of Arches National Park and the Le Sal Mountains in the background.


On the way to Sand Dune Arch…


Some nice man offered to take our picture for us. 🙂


It was very sandy on the way to Sand Dune Arch…which is why it’s called Sand Dune Arch.


Where’s the temple with the holy grail?! I know it’s around here somewhere! Indy?!


Sand Dune Arch


I love little hidy holes in the rocks. I’m just cool like that.


I found another little crevice/cave up behind Sand Dune Arch, so naturally, I had to climb up in it. 🙂


Then Hisa had to climb up in it.


Wheeeeere’s Hisa?


Wheeee! Another little cave thingy!


Hisa took this pic as we were leaving the area. This was an amazing place.


More fin-like rocks in the park.


Day six, my grandparents, Hisa, and I all drove up into the La Sal Mountains where we had a picnic for lunch. It’s always really beautiful up there, but at early May, it was still pretty chilly! No snow fortunately, but the wind was cold.
After finishing lunch, we headed back down the mountain, and back to the house. My grandparents both wanted to rest for awhile, so  Hisa and I went to town to check out this coffee and gelato shop. They roast their own coffee, and who can say no to gelato, right? So we had coffee and gelato, then headed back to the house.

Grandpa, Grandma, and Hisa


Me, Grandpa, and Grandma


The Quaking Aspen trees (my grandparents call them “quakies”).


It’s always so beautiful in the mountains there!


Day seven, we left Moab, and began the long trip home. We drove all day, stopping at Gunnison for lunch where I had an awesome breakfast burrito (I know, a breakfast burrito for lunch is weird, but I don’t care!), and spent the night again in Colorado Springs.

Day eight (last Monday), we drove all day from Colorado Springs all the way back to Oklahoma. We left around 8:30 in the morning, and we got back to my parents’ house around 7:45pm. It was a loooong drive, and after spending about 5 days driving in the mountains, driving through Kansas was so incredibly boring. I know North Eastern Oklahoma is not much of an improvement, but there was some slight variance in the terrain, and honestly, by that point we were so glad to be back in Oklahoma and almost home, that we didn’t care.

Last Tuesday, we had to go to the city (yes, we refer to it only as “The City” out in these parts) to return our rental car and run some errands.

Since getting back from out trip, Hisa and I have been packing like crazy!
My parents are going to be moving the first week of June, so Hisa and I have been helping them pack, since they’re both so busy with work.

This week, Hisa and I are going to Houston, because Hisa has two job interviews (fingers crossed!), so we’re trying to get as much packing done as possible while we’re here. It’s kind of the final countdown as it were, since there’s only a few weeks left until they move, so things are busy here!

That being said, I probably won’t have as many posts in the coming weeks, but I’ll still post when I can! And hopefully I’ll also have some Houston/Austin trip pictures when we get back!


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