Menu Plan Monday for April 16 – 22

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Did everyone have a good weekend?

[edit: I’m writing this Sunday night, and intended to schedule it to be published to the site tomorrow (Monday). I accidentally  pressed the “publish” button instead of the “schedule” button, however, and that’s why you’re getting a Menu Plan Monday post on Sunday instead of Monday….and why I’m awesome!!! …maybe.]

We had a pretty crazy weekend here in Oklahoma! We had a lot of severe weather in the state, including but not limited to tornados, hail, thunder, lightning, flooding, and very strong winds. Fortunately, we didn’t get any tornados around out area, but there was a tornado in Norman around the University of Oklahoma (where I went to school). It’s weird, because they never get tornados in Norman… I dunno why. They just don’t. They actually had a lock down on campus, and the students weren’t allowed to leave the buildings, because they were having baseball size hail.

In case you’ve never seen baseball size hail falling, it looks and sounds like cannon balls falling out of the sky. If one of those hits you, it can kill you. And your car. Your car will cry. Or at least you’ll think it’s crying until you realize those sobs of anguish are actually coming from you, crying at the state of your car, and wondering why you filled your garage so full of crap that you couldn’t fit your car in it when it hailed…

But I digress…

The weather today has been beautiful! Yay!

I’m helping out part-time at my mom’s office this week, so yay that I’ll be earning some money, but boo that I have to work. Actually I don’t have to. I’m happy to help, and really happy to be able to earn some money, since Hisa and I have both been unemployed since we came back to the U.S.
It’ll be interesting working in the same office as my mom, and also interesting working in an office of all women. It should be interesting. Wish me luck!

I don’t really know what order I’ll be fixing this week’s dinners in, as I’m not sure what time I’ll be getting home and what days for sure I’ll be working, so we’ll see how that goes.
Lots of new dishes this week! Yay!

Menu Plan for April 16 – 22:

  • Chicken gyros and greek salad
  • Vegetarian black bean burgers and sweet potato fries
  • Lemon, olive, and parsley quinoa cakes and French onion soup
  • Asparagus strata and tossed salad
  • Veggie enchiladas
  • Thai green curry, rice, and Thai salad with peanut dressing

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Roasted Asparagus Roasted Vegetable & Pesto Pizza

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