My Honeymoon Adventure: Part II

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On to part II!

If you didn’t see part I, check here.

When I finished part I, we Hisa and I had gone on a dinner cruise in Kobe, and then went to Osaka and checked into our hotel for the night. What I didn’t mention, was that our hotel was in Universal City, right outside Universal Studios Japan.

Our hotel was based on Jurassic Park. Outside the hotel, there was a taxi cab that seemed like a regular taxi cab, but when you walked by it, suddenly the noise of the T-Rex’s footsteps could be heard, and the taxi would start shaking in time with the footsteps. Pretty cool if I do say so myself.

The hotel itself was quite fancy. The wall behind the check-in desk was actually an aquarium filled with tropical fish, and our floor, there was a jelly-fish filled aquarium in the hallway.

My favorite thing in the hotel, however, was the elevators. They were lit only by these deep blue-colored lights, that made you feel like you were in a super fancy aquarium.

Me in the hotel elevator. I look rather creepy is this picture, but trust me, the elevators were cool.

Before retiring for the night, we checked out the hotel store, which had much of the same things sold in Universal Studios. My favorites were the Sesame Street themed goods, namely anything Elmo. 😀

I loved these Elmo earmuffs. As much as I was tempted to buy them though…

I loved this Elmo hat even more. I saw a huge number of people wearing them in Universal Studios the next day. It was so tempting. But as much as I liked it, I knew I would never really be able to wear it outside of the park, so I refrained. It’s pretty darn cute though, right?

I didn’t take any pictures of my breakfast the next morning (it was a breakfast buffet), but I was thrilled that they had pancakes. Unless you stay at a fancy hotel in Japan, you’ll never see pancakes on the buffet breakfast (salad? yes. soup? yes. pancakes? no).

The gate of the park! Notice the statue of Elmo and the statue of …Elmo’s friend whose name I forget.

Hisa and I waiting in line for the gates to open. Cold or not, I was super excited!

Needless to say, there were a lot of people there.

When the gates finally did open, music started playing, and the employees all came running from two directions, waving and smiling with matching Santa hats on. It was great. Oh yeah, and Woody Woodpecker was there.

Our strategy for the day (besides going on a weekday when it was less crowded), was to be there when the gates opened, and ride all the rides we wanted in the morning as quickly as possible before it’s too crowded, and then go to any of the shows we wanted in the afternoon. It ended up working out really well. We never had to wait longer than 15 – 20 minutes for a ride, and we were able to see all the shows we wanted and then some!

The first ride we ran walked quickly to, was the Spider-man ride, and it did not dissapoint! It was a combination of an actual ride (riding in a car that goes along a track and moves around) combined with a 3D movie, so that it really seemed like spiderman and the bad guys were jumping on the car, flying in our faces, etc. This was probably my favorite ride in the park.

Back to the Future! The second ride of the morning.

Aw, yeah!

Hisa getting ready for the Jurassic Park ride. It was definitely cool, and the T-Rex at the end of the ride looked really realistic and terrifying.

After we got off the Jaws ride (also pretty cool), they had a giant shark hanging up, that you could have your picture taken with. I love the Christmas wreath they put on it, hehe.

As we were heading to the Space Fantasy ride, we came across a random Christmas parade going on. Naturally, I had to catch a picture of Elmo. 🙂

I didn’t get a picture of the Space Fantasy ride, but it was basically an indoor rollercoaster. It was similar to Space Mountain at Disneyland, in that it was a space-themed indoor rollercoaster, but I have to say that Space Fantasy was cooler. Instead of a regular long rollercoaster car, you rode in a kind of pod-like car, consisting of two seat on each side, back-to-back. As a result, besides just moving forward, you would also spin, so sometimes you would end up going backwards (I thought this would be freaky, but it ended up being really cool). After the Spiderman ride, this was my second favorite ride in the park.

After the Space Fantasy ride, we went to the 50’s themed diner in the park for lunch, where we had hamburgers. I was excited about my Cookie Monster cup.

In the afternoon, we went to see several shows. The first we saw was the Water World show. The stunts the actors performed were amazing. The Japanese actors were quite funny in parts, but the pre-recorded Japanese dialogue for the main characters (Caucasian actors) was a bit cheesy. Still, it was definitely worth watching just for the amazing stunts. People would fall/jump off the towers into the water, jump over things in jet-skiis, not to mention an entire biplane  came flying over the back wall and landed in the water at one point.

The whole park was set up like old-fashioned American streets. It was fun just walking around and looking at all the buildings. Also there were speakers set up all over the park, so everywhere you went there was Christmas music playing. I loved it!

After Water World, we watched the Shrek 4D Adventure, which was fun. Afterward we had a break, and had some cake and coffee in one of the cafes. I love the Elmo coffee cup. ♥

Later in the afternoon we watched the Universal Monsters Live Rock and Roll show (that’s the one with Beetle Juice), Backdraft, Terminator 2:3D (very cool), and Sesame Street 4-D Movie Magic (cute, and also fun seeing all the Sesame Street characters speaking Japanese).

After going to all the shows, we just walked around, looked at some stores, etc.

There were a couple toy soldier guys outside one of the stores.

It’s hard to see in this pic, but in the building that says “Merry Christmas”, Santa Claus is sitting on a big chair. You could go sit on his lap and have your picture taken with him.

Shrek-Hisa! Yaaay!! I think the Shrek ears look quite cute on him! What do you think?

They had a huge Christmas tree in the center of the park that was beautiful.

We finally left the park around 8pm, and ate dinner at the Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. restaurant in Universal City. It was fun eating in an American restaurant, but everything was so American about the restaurant, and I was so tired, that I almost started talking to the waitress in English at one point.

Tired is kind of an understatement. Exhausted is more adequate.

For dinner I had grilled mahi-mahi with shrimp and some kind of sauce and mashed potatoes. It was gooood. And oh so American, lol.

Afterwards, we got our bags from the hotel, took a train to our next hotel in Osaka, checked in, and collapsed with exhaustion. We both had such a fun time at Universal Studios though, it was worth the exhaustion!

Tomorrow I’ll bring you part III of our honeymoon adventure, in which we visit Kyoto, Nara, and Nagoya!


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