Fun Times at the Photo Studio (Wedding Kimono Pictures)

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I have nothing food related to post today, as I haven’t been doing any cooking since we came to my in-laws house, but I’ve been busy with other things instead!

Today, Hisa and I went to the photo studio to have wedding pictures of us taken. But these weren’t just normal wedding pictures. We wore traditional Japanese wedding clothing. Hisa wore the men’s kimono, called hakama, and I wore a white wedding kimono with a kind of over-kimono over it called uchikake. Most of the time at studio was spent on me, honestly. First I had my hair and make-up done, and then I had two ladies dress me in the kimono. Yes, it took two ladies to dress and it took quite awhile.

Seriously, I’ve worn kimono before, and there’s always a few layers and a bunch of cords and ties and sashes involved, but this was on a whole new level. I had about 8 layers on. Not joking. On top of that, the outer uchikake kimono was heavy. The material itself was heavy, but also the bottom of the uchikake kimono was padded which added more weight.

For anyone who has never worn a kimono, it’s very much like wearing a corset. They wrap you up tight as they can, so you look fabulous, but you can’t really breath well…or walk well…or sit well. Leaning over and going to the bathroom are right out of the question. But you know what?

It was awesome.

I had so much fun! It’s’ kind of a once in a lifetime thing to wear a wedding kimono and have professional photos taken of you, and it’s always fun having my make-up and hair professionally done.

Me all jazzed up in my wedding kimono! One fun tidbit: See that white thing with the two tassels sticking out of my kimono? One of the ladies told me it was a ceremonial knife to protect myself with. How cool is that? I may not be able to move without assistance, but I can still stab you with my ceremonial knife! Bwhahaha! [note: unfortunately, I did not get to keep the ceremonial knife]

I also had my special wedding fan. Dig that hair.

Me with the groom. I just realized Hisa looks like he’s holding a knife in this picture. Actually, it’s just his special wedding fan seen from the side. I’m the only one with a knife, hahaha!

We went to the photo studio together with Hisa’s mom (on the left), but while we were getting ready, two of Hisa’s aunts showed up to watch everything. Good times.

Just because.

I like red lipstick.

It was a fun experience, although by the end of it my cheeks were a bit tired from smiling so much (reminiscent of the wedding pictures taken after our actual wedding. I can’t wait to see the professional pictures when they’re ready!

Tomorrow, we’re leaving for our trip through western Japan. We’re going to start off at Hiroshima and work our way north. Fun! I’ll be sure to post pictures when we get back!

Until then!


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