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September 22, 2011 at 5:47 pm Leave a comment

I’ve had so much energy today! It’s great! I attribute it to the nice cool weather we’re having today after the typhoon.

I cleaned our apartment, dusted and vacuumed everywhere, did laundry, did my work-out this morning, and then went to karate this afternoon. I was still feeling energetic by the time I got home, but once I showered and actually sat down, I think it all caught up with me. Now I don’t really feel like standing up again, lol. Of course I’ll have to in a bit to make dinner. But for now, I can sit for a bit and relax!

Today’s lunch: Roasted bell pepper, ham, and cream cheese pinwheels, half a baked Japanese sweet potato, half an ear of corn on the cob (I cut it off the cob for convenience’s sake), and a mandarin orange.


  1. If you’ve never made pinwheels, they’re really easy. Just lay out a warmed, burrito-size flour tortilla, and cover it with some kind of spread. I think the most common choice is cream cheese, but you can use any spread you like. Some other options would be smashed avocado or guacamole, or hummus. You want something thick that isn’t runny or will easily ooze out of the tortilla.
  2. Then lay out any other fillings you want. I like using things like blanched spinach, roasted bell peppers, sun-dried tomatoes, etc. You can use just about anything you want though. I also usually include slices of some kind of deli meat (you can also add deli sliced cheese if you want).
  3. Roll up the tortilla as tightly as you can, then use a sharp knife to slice it into 1/2 inch or 1 inch pinwheels. Be sure not to smash the tortilla when you cut it or the filling will ooze out and you’ll mess up your pinwheels. Press down very gently with the knife and make long slicing motions to maintain the round shape of the pinwheels. This is why it’s good to make sure you’re using a sharp knife.

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