A Belated Wedding Party with Family

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Hisa and I had a great time over the weekend at my in-laws’ place. The only bad thing that happened was I accidentally left my pillow at their house when we left. I didn’t realize I’d forgotten it until we got home, and as my in-laws live a two and a half hour drive away, we couldn’t exactly go back and get it. It’s my nice big fluffy pillow that I find it hard to sleep without… *sniff* Now I only have my old, little, lumpy pillow that isn’t very comfortable. *sigh* But such is life. I shall try and endure and be strong until visit them again, and I can get my pillow back.

The reason we visited my in-laws this weekend was we had a wedding party lunch with my husband’s relatives to celebrate our wedding that took place in Hawaii a year and a half ago. Only our immediate families attended the wedding, so they wanted to have a fancy lunch to celebrate with all the relatives that couldn’t come to Hawaii.

And boy, was it ever fancy!

Hisa and I had absolutely nothing to do with the planning of this. We had no idea where it was going to be, how fancy it was going to be, who was coming, anything. The women of my husband’s family took care of everything. They sent out invitations, reserved a private room in the restaurant of a super fancy hotel in the mountains, prepared gifts for all the relatives attending, etc. All Hisa and I had to do was dress nicely (one-piece dress for me, suit and tie for him) and show up. It was great!

As no-one had ever been to the hotel (except my mother-in-law), and it was way up in the mountains and hard to find, my in-laws rented a mini bus to take everyone to the restaurant. Plus, if everyone had driven separately, only half the people in attendance would have been able to drink (the legal blood-alcohol level in Japan is 0.00%, so you can’t have even one sip of alcohol and legally drive here), so by renting a mini bus for everyone to ride in, everyone was able to drink. Brilliant.

My father-in-law made a speech welcoming everyone there, and then Hisa and I both had to make a brief speech on the spot (mine was extremely brief), then Hisa’s uncle made a toast, and we could all sit down and relax and have fun.

Hisa making his speech.

Me (attempting) to make a speech. I switched from Japanese to English half-way through, and they made Hisa translate the rest of it, hehe. Sorry Honey! 😛

Hisa’s uncle making a toast.

The view from one side of the room.

And the view from the other side of the room.

Hisa having a toast with his brother, and me posing over his arm.

In our wedding photos, there’s a picture of me in my wedding dress, and both of my brother posing on either side of me with our heads together. My husband’s sister has always thought it’s a really cute picture, so her two brothers decided to pose for a picture in the same way (much to the resistance of said sister). At this point during the lunch, they ambushed her and posed for a picture while she was squealing, “noooooooo!” the whole time. It was pretty funny. From left to right: my husband, his younger sister, and his older brother.

Everything about the lunch was wonderful. They had an awesome drink menu. There was everything you could want. As for Hisa and I, we had sparkling wine, fine beer, white wine, red wine, dessert wine, and coffee (in that order), and it was all so good!

But the food! Oh, the food! It was delicious! It was beautiful! It was amazing! I kept a copy of the menu, so the descriptions are straight from the menu.

First course: Chilled bouillabaisse jelly with Takeda-saffron flavor kitchen garden herbs and crudité with lavender milk ice cream

Second course: Conger eel, kamo-eggplant and paprika frits with ginger balsamic sauce, half-boiled Niki eggs, and black rice and soy bean risotto cake

Fish course: Pan-fried daily catch fish with zucchini and green asparagus, salmon roe, tomatoes, capers, and a rosemary flavored vermouth sauce

Meat course: Roasted Hokkaido veal fillet with Rossini style mushroom sauce, mashed potatoes, and colorful vegetables from Nasu-height

Dessert: “Autumn sweets ensemble”  Both Hisa and I had “Happy Wedding” written on our dessert plates in chocolate.

Everything was so wonderful. I think it was some of the best food I’ve ever had. The company, of course, was also wonderful. Besides my husband’s immediate family, there was an abundance of aunts, uncles, and cousins present.

After the meal was over, we all piled back onto the bus and headed home. When we got back to Hisa’s parents’ house, we took some last pictures before everyone left.

From left to right: Hisa’s cousin, Hisa’s sister, me, Hisa, our adorable niece, her mother (our sister-in-law), and another of Hisa’s cousins

Everyone was exhausted the rest of the day from all the merry making, and no one was really hungry for dinner, but it was a wonderful party, with wonderful food and drink, and wonderful company.


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