Menu Plan Monday for August 8 – 10

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It’s gradually been heating back up here in central/Eastern Japan. Several weeks ago we had a typhoon come through, and although it was bad for a lot of cities on the coast where it hit, here a bit further inland, it simply rained a lot and then got blissfully cool. I’m talking about a high in the 70’s every day. It was heaven. After that first week though, it’s been ever so gradually heating back up. Last week the temperatures were back to normal Japanese summer temperatures, which although hot, were not unbearable like the super hot temperatures we were having before the typhoon. This week, however, the forecast looks rather foreboding as the high temperatures appear to be getting back up into the super hot digits.

Now, this wouldn’t be fun any time, but I was so hoping it would be cooler this week and next week. The reason being, is that my husband and I are going to visit his parents and stay at their place from the 11th to the 16th. Although I’m really excited about seeing my husband’s family and spending time with them, I’m also a little worried.

They have air conditioners in the living room, dining room, and the bedroom we always stay in, but they never use them… I think I’ve talked about this before, but I’m mainly worried about it being super hot,  not having any air conditioning at night when we sleep, and not being able to sleep as a result. That was basically my life last summer before we bought our air conditioner, and it was hell. It was so hot, I was constantly waking up at night, I could never get a full or good night’s sleep, and as a result I was always exhausted and grumpy.

So please Weather Man!! Make it COOL for me!! PLEASE!! Please? pretty please…?

Since we’re going out of town on the 11th, I’m only cooking dinner Monday through Wednesday this week. Then I’ll get to enjoy a week of my mother-in-law’s cooking. Yay!!

Menu Plan for August 8 – 10:

Stay cool everyone!!


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