Of Battling Wasps and Bruised Fists

June 7, 2011 at 10:21 am Leave a comment

I had an epic battle with a wasp yesterday.

This wasp kept coming to our balcony and climbing around on the wall. When I noticed it, I immediately ran upstairs, grabbed the can of wasp spray, ran back down the stairs, whipped open the sliding glass door, and unleashed the fury of the wasp spray upon it’s skinny butt.

I was of the mind to take that wasp down, and I think it sensed that, because as soon as I started spraying it, it flew off faster than anything.

I thought that was the end of it, but about 30 minutes later, it came back and started climbing around on the wall again. When I realized it was back, I leaped up off my yoga mat (I was in the middle of working out), whipped open the sliding door again, and unleashed the fury of the wasp spray, and the wasp flew off as fast as it could, again. Repeat about 3 or 4 times, and that was my morning yesterday. I never did kill the sucker, but I haven’t seen it back today. Maybe it learned it’s lesson… Still, I have the wasp spray by the sliding door, ready to go.

Yesterday afternoon, I had my karate class. Instead of our normal class, after going through the basic punches, blocks, and kicks, we did strength building exercises.

We started with fist push-ups. If you’ve never done fist push-ups, they’re like normal push-ups, except instead of supporting your weight on the palms of your hands, you make fists. In karate, it’s supposed to help toughen fists and strengthen your punch. It’s hard. And it hurts. My first and second knuckles are slightly bruised today.

We also did sit-ups, and the exercise where you lie on your back, put your hands to your sides or under your butt, and you lift your (straight) legs up til they’re vertical, then slowly lower them until they’re almost, but not quite touching the ground.

After the strength training exercises, the teacher whipped out the jump ropes, and we began alternating between two minutes of jump roping and two minutes of shadow fighting. Now while two minutes of jump roping sounds easy enough, it’s actually quite hard to jump rope for two minutes straight. And by hard I mean it’s definitely a work-out. We went back and forth between sets about 5 times, then finally stopped. It was a tough! Great exercise, but tough! The muscles in my feet and ankles are actually sore today from the jump roping, lol.

Next month, my karate school is having a kind of summer training excursion over one weekend. They do it every summer. Usually they go to the ocean, but because of the March 11 earthquake, they can’t go there, and will instead be going to a hot spring place in the mountains.

From what I understand, the trip usually involves training all morning, having lunch, training most of the afternoon, then having a big dinner with everyone. The next day, they usually run in the mountains about 5 kilometers, have breakfast, then usually they go to the ocean and practice karate waist-deep in the ocean. Then they usually have lunch, and head back home. Since they’re not going to the ocean this year, the other students I talked to are thinking that maybe they’ll practice karate in a river, or possibly under a waterfall.

…waterfall… Awesome.

I haven’t decided if I’m going to go on the trip yet or not, but right now I’m leaning towards yes. One of the other new white-belts, who started a week or two after I did told me that if I go, she’ll go, lol. That way there will be at least one other white belt there.

We’ll see what happens.




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